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iRemote Computer

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Help iRemote Computer for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Where can I download JRE?

JRE (Java Runtime Environment) can be downloaded from its official website. Usually this component is already installed on your system since many websites use it. We recommend that you always have the latest version of Java for compatibility with iRemote Computer.

I can not connect to the server, What could it be?

It may be due to several circumstances. Check out the following points:

  • Verify that the server is running. Verify that the application is open and that the server icon is in the taskbar (except Ubuntu).
  • If you are running the server application and remote PC has been disconnected from LAN, shutdown server and launch it again.
  • Check that your mobile device is connected to the WiFi network.
  • The remote PC running the application server must be on the same subnet as the mobile device.
  • Verify that the application server has access to LAN through the Firewall of Operating System.

Is there a way to reconnect quickly?

If at any time your device (iPhone / iPhone / iPod) lost the WiFi connection and want to reconnect quickly, lock your device and unlock it again to force a fast reconnection (you must have activated "Re-connect to last server in the current session" in the settings of your device).

What applications iRemote Computer support?

Currently support the following multimedia applications: WinTV7, SPlayer, Windows Media Player, iTunes, AIMP3, Media Player Classic, Music Bee, Real Player, Adobe Media Player, BSPlayer, PowerDVD, Spotify, WinAmp, VLC, MythTV, Miro, Totem, Last.fm, KMPlayer, Amarok, DVD Player, QuickTime, ..., etc.

We are always adding new applications, listening to the needs of our users.

Also support the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera y Safari.

Where can I find the password that the device asks me?

The password can be obtained by clicking the Alpha Remote PC application icon in taskbar and then looking at the "Password:". If you are running the application server through the web browser you can also find on the page where the applet is running.

If you're using Ubuntu, the icon may not appear in the taskbar. You should open the file "passwordFile.dat", in server instalation folder, with a text editor. The password is in that file.

What operating systems are supported?

It supports the following operating systems: Windows (XP/Vista/7), MacOSX y Linux.

How can I contact the developer to indicate suggestions, problems or concerns?

You can contact through form or by sending an email to support@tomichlabs.com

What distinguishes this app from similar apps?

iRemote Computer is a more complete app than its competitors (control mouse, remote control, web control, launch applications, remote desktop), very simple to use, with a server available for most common operating systems (Windows, MacOSX and Linux) and is priced at least half that of its competitors.

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