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Smash Goal

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Smash Goal HD for iPhone

Don't wait for more time to play this action game where you will have to survive during 60 intense levels striking with a ball the different enemies who will appear.

Features :

  • 60 frenetic levels.
  • 12 different items that will help you throughout the game.
  • Final Bosses.
  • Achievements System and Hi-Scores.
  • More than 270 different enemies.

We have prepared succulent new features for the next update.

Smash Goal HD for iPhone


The target of the game is to eliminate all the soccer players before you lose all your balls. For it, you have initially three balls that you will have to strike with the spade and prevent them from cross over the yellow line. To help yourself, some players will give up items when they are eliminated.

You will be able to find the following items

  • Coin: It will provide 1000 points to you.
  • 3 Balls: The current ball will divide in three balls.
  • Beach ball: It will increase the size of the ball.
  • Fireball: The ball will turn into a ball of fire.
  • Field invasion: People of the public appear.
  • Rain: The ball will go faster.
  • Red card: It send a player off from the field.
  • Extra Live: It will give you one more ball.
  • Change: It changes a player of the field for other one.
  • Sun: The ball goes slower.
  • Bigger Spade: It increases the size of the spade.
  • Smaller Spade: It reduces the size of the spade.

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